Pincodes - Powered by Quikkly

Pinterest, the world's largest catagloue of ideas with over 210 million users, uses Pincodes to enable an instant link to a interest oard or a profile. Brands can share them anywhere–in stores, on packaging, in magazines, ads, flyers and more. 

Pincodes were designed in conjunction with Quikkly who provide Pinterest with all of the code generation and scanning technology. The Quikkly SDK for Pinterest was a custom project, with support for Android, iOS and a server module for Pinterest to enable batch code generation for brands. 

Quikkly provides a standard SDK for app developers wishing to add branded custom scannable codes to their apps, as well as bespoke services for larger customers like Pinterest. 

You can read more about the Pincodes on the Pinterest Engineering Blog, or get started with the Quikkly SDK on the Quikkly Developers Site