The first month with Quikkly is always free. That way you can integrate and test before you buy.

Price plans for Quikkly Standard are based on the size of your app's installed base. Once included in your app, our SDK can be used for unlimited in-app code generation and scanning. We also offer perpetual license arrangements for large clients and if you require cloud-based code generation and/or action processing, the please contact us.


Pricing - The Fine Print

  • You can cancel or change your plan at any time. Changes takes effect at the end of the current month. No refunds are given.
  • If you are using Quikkly in more than one app (i.e. more than one API key), the number of installs shall be the total of the installed base across your apps.
  • If your user base increases during a given period above the threshold for your plan, simply upgrade to a larger plan before the next period starts.
  • We reserve the right to ensure you’re on the right plan by verifying the size of your installed base at any time. We will contact you in the event of discrepancies. We reserve the right to cancel your use of Quikkly if large scale abuse is discovered.
  • Fees are debited in advance of each new period. Prices are quoted ex-VAT or sales tax.
  • Non-payment may result in the disablement of Quikkly services.
  • Fees are subject to Quikkly’s terms and conditions.