Pinterest have just announced Pincodes, custom scannable codes designed and developed in conjunction with Quikkly. 

Quikkly have worked with Pinterest to launch Pincodes to Pinterest's more than 200 million monthly active users users. With Quikkly technology embedded in Pinterest, users can scan Pincodes with the camera in the Pinterest app to link directly to a Board or user profile. Brands can generate Pincodes for use anywhere–in stores, on packaging, in magazines, ads, flyers and more. 

This is Quikkly's biggest project to date and COO David Kerrigan commented that the Pinterest project is the latest example of a trend for app developers to embrace scanning for faster user experiences: "We've seen a huge increase in interest in the last year or so in our scanning solution. As more app developers see the benefits of branded scannable codes, our SDK which lets you add the functionality to your app in minutes has surged in popularity". 

Quikkly are delighted to continue working with Pinterest to evolve Pincodes, and we'll be continuing to expand our core SDK solution with additional functionality, as well as support for more frameworks. We also have several other large scale custom projects coming soon.