Quikkly is excited to announce that innovative snack food maker Mindful Bites has launched its range of snacks featuring Quikkly Codes on the packaging. A quick scan of the code with the Quikkly app leads users directly to a menu of links.

Speaking to mark the launch, CEO and founder of Mindful Bites Stephanie Peritore commented that she chose Quikkly Codes as they fit so well with the brand - “We wanted to link from physical to digital but QR codes seem outdated and ugly. Quikkly lets our customers get straight to information about Mindful Eating”.

Quikkly CEO Fergal Walker added that packaging is a great use case for Quikkly codes. “We’ve always hated how ugly QR codes are on otherwise beautifully designed packages. But the crucial thing is making it easier for customers to get straight to the content they’re interested in. We know that a lot of people won’t respond to just a website URL printed on a package but that a scannable code removes the barrier to typing in the address”.

Check out Mindful Bites delicious new snacks here: https://mindfulbites.co.uk/