Quikkly Ltd., the world’s leading provider of post-QR code solutions, is excited to unveil Quikkly for Apps, its suite of tools for app developers, supported by a new line-up of customisable code formats. 

Providing 12 new innovative code templates, including square, oblong and circular formats, Quikkly for Apps provides more flexibility for app developers and brands to find or create a code format which best matches their app or brand logo.

Fergal Walker, CEO of Quikkly, explained: “Up to now, app developers have wanted to add 2D code generation and scanning to their app and have found themselves between a rock and a hard place. They’ve had either the choice of using SDKs which supported unfriendly QR codes, had to spend significant engineering time on development, or had to purchase a company to enable them to achieve a customised solution, such as Snap’s acquisition of Scan.me for Snapcodes. Quikkly for Apps changes this, enabling every app developer to create their own highly customised codes and include them in their app, slashing the friction from person-to-person flows such as connecting between users, sharing content and sending payments. It gives them a means to enable their app to interact with real-life content.”

Unlike QR codes which are limited to a handful of use cases, Quikkly codes give developers ultimate freedom over the action resulting from a scan and the security that ensures third-party apps cannot decode the data contained in the code. For consumers, Quikkly codes are significantly clearer and more trustworthy than QR codes, leading to higher engagement.

With local-environment and cloud-based options, Quikkly for Apps is designed to give developers increased flexibility, with control over a range of use cases such as where codes are generated and displayed, the viewfinder, and action mapping.

Walker continues: “This is the first time developers have had this technology available to them and we’re excited to see what creative solutions they come up with using our tools”.

“Quikkly is to QR as smartphones were to feature phones” added Charles Dowd, CEO of Plynk. “This will make person-to-person connections and payments with Plynk even more frictionless.”

Patented in 2014, Quikkly uses machine learning algorithms specifically for scannable codes that incorporate logos and other visual elements. This enables Quikkly-powered scanners to balance the interpretation of visual and coded elements and gives Quikkly a unique flexibility to the serve varying demands of brands and developers. Quikkly has experience in many verticals including packaging, media, publishing, retail, events, and gaming.

Quikkly for Apps is available for free for trials such as internal evaluation and low-scale user tests. Thereafter, Quikkly offers a range of plans based on how many users the developer will release the Quikkly code capability to, starting from $24.99 per month for the Small plan to $499.99 per month for the Large plan. Developers can visit the dedicated Developer Portal to get started.