Quikkly are delighted to announce that the first part of our April 2014 patent filing on smart scannable codes has been granted.  The patent covers a number of formats of code which comprise a combination of:

  • A human readable element to give an indication of an action or app
  • A signalling element to indicate to a camera in an app that a code is present
  • A machine readable element that when decoded tells the app what to do

Codes can have any custom shape (such as include an app logo) to help users understand which app they need to use to scan the code, and the machine readable element can be made up of patterns or waveforms.

When scanned with an app, codes can instantly invoke an action in the app, or exchange instructions with a server in order to invoke the action.  Cited example use cases include Connect on Snapchat, Follow on Spotify, Stream on YouTube etc.


This is just the first part of our patent.  We have additional IP that we anticipate will be granted before the end of the year so watch this space!

Quikkly will continue to innovate in the fast-emerging smart scanning space. For patent licensing queries, please email support@quikklymobile.com

You can find full details here: USPTO 9,594,555