Brands and app developers are always on the lookout for ways to improve customer experience: mechanisms to make their products easier to interact with, shortcuts to remove friction and visual reminders to stay top of mind.

Scanning is a very effective and easy-to-scale solution. A scannable code can contain huge amounts of information, enabling instant connection, sharing, buying and much more. But without a clear signpost that something is scannable, consumers may be slow to scan.

If they’ve achieved one good thing, QR codes and barcodes have created a level of awareness among consumers that dots or patterns can be scanned. But, QR codes are ugly. There’s no dressing them up - people have tried valiantly to let you embed a tiny image in amongst the dots, or to hide a logo in the bottom right corner. Yet they still have no place on adverts or in apps. We have to be able to do better.

That’s where Quikkly comes in. Quikkly for Apps is a platform that lets anyone design flexible yet recognisably scannable codes in keeping with their brand. The SDK can be added to an app in minutes giving you both a high speed scanner and an instant code generator. Quikkly’s patented technology also includes smart updates, encryption and dynamic insights.

Perhaps one of Quikkly’s biggest breakthroughs is the ability to allow brands and app developers to create codes of all shapes, colours and sizes. No other code technology can offer the flexibility of square, oblong and even round shapes with embedded logos, full control of colour scheme and still offer virtually unlimited addressable objects.

Head over to to create your code design or contact us if you need something even more custom!