This week we’re all about video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 2 minute video at 24 frames per second must be worth 2,880,000!

At Quikkly, we like big numbers. Our unique scannable code templates can support up to a quintillion items. But sometimes it’s hard to see just how useful scanning can be. So we’ve created a couple of videos to show you in practical terms how much faster scanning is as a means to share content.

We’ve also created a video guide to show you how to add scanning and code generation into your app - it takes less than 15 minutes to integrate our SDK!

An overview of Quikkly (45 seconds)

The Importance of speed for app users (39 seconds)

Side by Side: Scanning vs Sharing (42 seconds)

Developer Walkthrough - Integrating Quikkly SDK into your app (15 minutes)