Scannable codes should be clear, simple and instructive.  If users understand that a code is a time saving shortcut to something that they want, then they will scan.  If they don't then they won't.

Quikkly believe that the scanning experience should be owned by the service or app developer.  Users scan with the Brand-X app to get to the Brand-X experience.  That is why we have made it super easy for any developer to create unique custom codes and integrate a scanner that can understand those unique code formats into their app.

In our 2014 patent we describe scannable codes that have a signalling element (something that says to the camera "I'm a code" such as a frame or logo), a human readable element (such as a picture or logo that gives an indication as to the purpose of the code), and a machine readable element (such as a pattern of dots or lines or a waveform).

This allows for huge flexibility for designing a code that meets your need.  If you are a social product, you may want to combine your logo with a user profile picture.  If you are a music company you might use music metaphor for your code such as a vinyl record or a soundwave.  If you are a retailer you might choose a shopping basket shape.

We are releasing new code templates all the time and the possibilities are literally infinite.  We released 12 templates in February and are planning 30 more in March (which we will announce here soon) and we have many more in the pipeline.  If we don't have template that works for your logo or service action then you can request a custom design.  We aim to offer designers and developers maximum flexibility.

You can click here to play around with the latest templates and see what a scannable code might look like in your app.