Developer Spotlight is an occasional series highlighting some of the developers using Quikkly to add custom scannable codes to their apps. Quikkly is available for developers of all sizes from start-ups to apps with hundreds of millions of users.

Payflic is a new app that allows users to purchase products through social media posts via screenshots. Payflic is the smart way for merchants to utilise influencer marketing and social media posts to boost sales. 

Simply taking a screenshot of an item promoted through Payflic adds it directly into your shopping cart, meaning you can purchase as quick as you like, or save those items for later so you no longer have to stop enjoying browsing social media to be able to make purchases. 

Payflic opted to use one of Quikkly’s standard code templates, customized with their logo and color scheme. Payflic use Quikkly’s native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android and the Python server module.

You can read more about Payflic here: