Developer Spotlight is an occasional series highlighting some of the developers using Quikkly to add custom scannable codes to their apps. Quikkly is available for developers of all sizes, from start-ups to apps with hundreds of millions of users.

Breakout EDU provides immersive learning games for schools. Offering over 800 topics of ready-made content, Breakout EDU also allows teachers and students to create their own games on the platform.

When looking for a way to link from the classroom directly to mobile-ready content, Breakout EDU wanted to go beyond QR codes and create something instantly recognisable for students and teachers that provides an immediate link - so they turned to Quikkly. Using one of Quikkly’s standard templates, they were able to rapidly add their logo and offer the ability to scan Breakout EDU tags as well as create them.

“Point your device at the Breakout EDU Tag and your game or other content will appear. It's a great way to bring digital elements into a kit-based game or hide more game clues, resources, or mini digital games in any  Breakout EDU game. 

We chose Quikkly for its ease of use - we could create scannable codes to match our brand in a few minutes, add the scanner to our app and all with a scalable pricing model.”

Breakout EDU have created Android and iOS scanning apps that are available for free download, as well as a web interface.

To learn more about Breakout EDU, visit their web site.