Quikkly are delighted to announce our biggest ever release....we've just launched our new Version 3 SDK for both iOS and Android, along with a support for some of the world's most popular hybrid application frameworks and new server modules.

What's New in Version 3

Version 3 brings the following major improvements to the Quikkly SDKs:

  • Improved performance - Updated OpenCV (3.4)

  • SDK size reduced by up to  20% 

  • Custom Blueprints now loadable via parameter

  • Support for multiple dot colors (certain templates)

  • Much better performance in low-contrast situations

  • Fixed support for 32bit phones

  • Android: Support for scanning image files,  not only camera feed

  • Android: Support for API 16+

  • Android: Support for raster output

Support for Cordova/Ionic

The most frequently requested extension of Quikkly that we receive is support for additional frameworks. That's why we're particularly excited to launch support for Cordova and Ionic both for iOS and Android - check out the details.

Server Modules

Today, we're also announcing the availability of both Python and Java solutions for our premium customers who wish to generate Quikkly Codes on servers rather than mobile. Contact us for details.