One of our favourite ever projects here at Quikkly was working with Pinterest on Pincodes. We still love it everytime we see a Pincode somewhere new and one of our favourite examples has to be Albertson’s use of Pincodes in their stores.

 You can find Pincodes in participating stores on endcaps in the meat section offering “quick and easy recipes.” Just open the Pinterest app, point the camera at the Pincode, and you’re instantly brought to a curated Pinterest board that features protein meal recipes, including steak, chicken and ground beef. Quick access from the real world to virtual resources was always the vision behind Quikkly.

We are also delighted to hear that Sean Barrett, senior vice president of advertising and marketing for Albertsons reports that Pincodes are “more natural” than QR codes. Enabling brands to create visually attractive codes is what makes Quikkly the world’s most popular platform for custom-design scannable codes.

Checkout the Pinterest Story here: