There is perhaps no greater sign of momentum behind a technology in mobile than Apple showing support. And that’s what happened earlier this month in San Jose at Apple’s annual developer conference - they announced that iOS 11, due later this year, will add support for QR codes in the iPhone camera.

 Although QR codes have their problems, it’s great to see Apple adding support as this will bring scanning technology to hundreds of millions more users. Quikkly have been advocating the benefits of scanning for years, and it’s exciting for us to see Apple joining Spotify and Snap in embracing scannable codes to reduce friction for users.

 The Quikkly SDK that lets developers design their own custom branded scannable code and add lightning fast scanning to any app has never been more popular - since Spotify launched their scannable codes, we’ve seen an acceleration of interest in scanning and there’s no faster way to get up and running than with Quikkly’s SDK.

 Also somewhat buried in Apple’s announcements (and there were a lot of announcements - the keynote lasted over 2 breathless hours!) was news that Apple are also extending NFC support to developers. After a couple of years using the NFC hardware on recent iPhones exclusively for Apple Pay, now other developers will have access to the technology, opening up additional use cases to reduce friction for consumers.