Why use Quikkly IN my app?



Today's users demand ever-more immediate experiences. There's no tolerance for long user flows and searches. The best apps let users do what they want easily and fast.

Don't make me press too many buttons

Amazon addresses this with voice-controlled Echo and Dash buttons. No typing needed. Snapchat's Snapcodes let users connect instantly without searching. They're hugely successful because they're obvious and instant, unlike QR codes.

Instant exchange of data without typing

Quikkly lets you add your own smart scannables and the world's fastest scanner to your app in less than an hour.



Use Quikkly in your app to generate and scan smart codes. It's the fastest way to exchange data person-to-person. Instant connection. Instant payment. Instant sharing of media. Without having to ask for and enter details.



Use Quikkly to bring posters, magazines, catalogues and fliers to life. Add clear scannable "buttons" to anything to allow your users to listen, watch, buy and engage from anywhere. Quikkly brings the convenience of online to the real world.

No searching - just instant engagement

YOU'RE in the know

The Quikkly scanner sits in your app so you get insights as to who is engaging with what, where and when.  Online grade insights and attribution for the offline world.

Quikkly gives you control over your codes.  You can create them instantly.  You can change what they do at any time.

Understand who, what, where, when


Quikkly has ready-to-use actions (like web, listen, watch) and widgets (like survey, rate or vote), so you can start right away. Actions can be chained together, and variables such as location, time and profile can be used to deliver the right result to the right user at the right time.


the tech and the experience

With our patented tech, Quikkly is the world leader in custom scannables. We know that the right execution is critical. Whether it's deciding use-cases, designing codes, in-app integration, or placement and promotion, we work with clients to ensure long term success.  Contact us if you would like to discuss consulting around scannables.



There were good things about QR codes. They were easy to create and flexible in their application. But they weren't designed for human consumption.  They are logistics tools that have been used in marketing.  Ugly, incomprehensible, and hard for creators to manage and track.  It shouldn't be a surprise that they failed.

QR was designed for machines not people

QR was designed for machines not people

Quikkly is different.  Our codes are understandable to humans.  They are highly flexible and brandable.  And once created, they're manageable and trackable.

Anyone can add the Quikkly scanner to their app and create custom codes that work with their brand.  Codes can be displayed and scanned with your app, giving a joined up, clearly signposted experience that lets consumers engage on their own terms.



For custom codes, the world's leading companies turn to Quikkly.

A small selection of the brands that use Quikkly

A small selection of the brands that use Quikkly